AnchoreCTL Release Notes - Version 0.1.4

The latest version of AnchoreCTL is 0.1.4. AnchoreCTL is dependent on Syft v0.39.3 as a library.

The current features that are supported are as follows:

  • Source Repository Management: Generate an SBOM and store the SBOM in Anchore’s database. Get information about the source repository, investigate vulnerability packages by requesting vulnerabilities for a single analyzed source repository, or get any policy evaluations.
  • Download full image SBOMs for images analyzed with Enterprise 4.0.0.
  • Compliance Reports: View and operate on runtime compliance reports, such as STIGs, created by the rem tool.
  • Corrections Management: View and modify corrections information to help reduce false positives in your vulnerability results.
  • Image Management: View, list, import local analysis, and request image analysis by the system.
  • Runtime Inventory Management: Add, update, and view cluster configurations for Anchore to scan, as well as for the inventory reports themselves.
  • System Operations: View and manage system information for your Enterprise deployment.
Last modified June 7, 2023