AnchoreCTL Release Notes - Version 1.3.0

The latest version of AnchoreCTL is 1.3.0.

AnchoreCTL 1.3.0 is a maintenance release which includes:

  • Added SPDX, CycloneDX and other format options alongside the default JSON format, to the ‘image sbom’ fetch operation
  • Added CSV format option to ‘image vulnerabilities’ and ‘image check’ operations
  • Enable ability add container images to Anchore Enterprise by image digest
  • Add a new ‘CVEs’ column to default table output for ‘image vulnerabilities’ operation for non-CVE findings that refer to one or more CVEs
  • Update ‘image add’ from SBOM to respect the –no-auto-subscribe flag
  • Fixes segfault when adding application association to an image that is in analyzing state

Update to using Syft 0.62.3

Last modified June 7, 2023