AnchoreCTL Release Notes - Version 1.7.0

The latest version of AnchoreCTL is 1.7.0.

AnchoreCTL 1.7.0 is a feature and bug fix release which includes:

  • Adds more detail from the Anchore Enterprise service for error responses, exposing the server side error detail to the user
  • Adds new formats (spdx, cycloneDX) to the SBOM output options when using the content get options during image add operations
  • Add support for new ancestor list command
  • Add new recommendation field to policy evaluation table output for the image check operation
  • Changed the policy evaluation level of detail from basic to full detail when fetching policy evaluation during image add operation
  • Fixed issue where the sbom content was not being fetched when the all type was given to the get option, in the image add operation

Update to using Syft 0.80.0

Last modified June 7, 2023