AnchoreCTL Release Notes - Version 5.0.0

The latest version of AnchoreCTL is 5.0.0.

NOTE: This version of AnchoreCTL only supports Anchore Enterprise 5.0.x

AnchoreCTL 5.0.0 is a feature and bug fix release which includes:

  • Dependency updates, and general client updates to support Anchore Enterprise v5.0.0
  • Change to version scheme, switching to keep version of AnchoreCTL inline with the version of Anchore Enterprise that the client supports (by semver compatibility)
  • Add sub-command for policy update
  • Add single java version column to the table output for java content
  • Remove rbac-url requirement from configuration in support of Anchore Enterprise v5.0.0’s single API feature
  • Remove the fix_observed_at date from table output for image vulnerability operation
  • Update the inventory watch commands
  • Update source policy check output to be more inline with image policy check output
  • Fix to some cases where the command could hang or terminal could get scrambled

Update to Syft 0.90.0, inline with the version of Syft used in Anchore Enterprise 5.0.0

AnchoreCTL 5.0.x versions are compatible with Anchore Enterprise 5.0.X deployments.

Last modified December 13, 2023