AnchoreCTL Release Notes - Version 5.4.0

The latest version of AnchoreCTL is 5.4.0. Note: AnchoreCTL v5.4.x versions are compatible with Anchore Enterprise v5.4.x deployments.

AnchoreCTL v5.4.0 is a feature and bug fix release which includes:

  • RBAC Role Support

    • Addition of the following commands that are accessible by users with admin, account-user-admin, or full-control.
      • anchorectl system role list - returns the list of supported RBAC Roles.
      • anchorectl system role get <rbac role name> - returns description and list of permissions of the specified role.
  • User Group Support

    • Commands for the management of User Groups
    • anchorectl usergroup add <usergroup name or uuid> [--description <string>]
    • anchorectl usergroup delete <usergroup name or uuid>
    • anchorectl usergroup get <usergroup name or uuid>
    • anchorectl usergroup list [--contains-user <username>] [--contains-account <account name>] [--user-group-name <usergroup name>]
    • anchorectl usergroup update <usergroup name> --description <string>
    • anchorectl usergroup role add <usergroup name> <account name> --role <rbac role name>
    • anchorectl usergroup role delete <usergroup name> <account name> --role <rbac role name>
    • anchorectl usergroup role list <usergroup name>
    • anchorectl usergroup user add <usergroup name> --user <username>
    • anchorectl usergroup user delete <usergroup name> --user <username>
    • anchorectl usergroup user list <usergroup name>
  • anchorectl system wait command now defaults to waiting only on the Enterprise API Service. The –services flag can be used to specify other services that should be waited on as well.

  • Return the image content even when the parent digest is being used for the request. This was seen in a error in anchorectl image content.

  • Various supporting libraries have been updated in order to improve security

Last modified April 4, 2024