Accessing the Anchore Engine API


The Anchore Engine API is documented using the OpenAPI Specification (Swagger) and the source for the latest development version can be found in GitHub in swagger.yaml document within the external API service. There are also a variety of ways in which the API specification can be accessed.


You can browse latest stable the Anchore API specification here

Local Swagger JSON

The JSON definition for the API specification for your specific instance of Anchore can be downloaded from a running Anchore Engine service at the following URI:




Local Swagger UI

Finally, Anchore includes the ability to deploy a sidecar set of containers that provide a local Swagger UI, allowing for the API to be viewed and tested within a web browser. The Swagger UI is accessed by first enabling an nginx proxy service and swagger-ui service that run alongside your anchore engine deployment, and then directing your browser at the nginx proxy service.

For instructions on deploying the Swagger UI as a sidecar, please see Swagger in our FAQs.