Azure Container Registry

To use an Azure Registry, you can configure Anchore to use either the admin credential(s) or a service principal. Refer to Azure documentation for differences and how to setup each. When you’ve chosen a credential type, use the following to determine which registry command options correspond to each value for your credential type

  • Admin Account

    • Registry: The login server (Ex.
    • Username: The username in the ‘az acr credential show –name ’ output
    • Password: The password or password2 value from the ‘az acr credential show’ command result
  • Service Principal

    • Registry: The login server (Ex.
    • Username: The service principal app id
    • Password: The service principal password
      Note: You can follow Microsoft Documentation for creating a Service Principal.

To add an azure registry credential, invoke anchorectl as follows:

ANCHORECTL_REGISTRY_PASSWORD=<password> anchorectl registry add <registry> --username <username> <Password>

Once a registry has been added, any image that is added (e.g. anchorectl image add <Registry>/some/repo:sometag) will use the provided credential to download/inspect and analyze the image.

Last modified July 25, 2023