What is Anchore Enterprise?

Anchore Enterprise is a Docker container static analysis and policy-based compliance system that automates the inspection, analysis, and evaluation of images against user-defined checks to allow high confidence in container deployments by ensuring workload content meets the required criteria. Anchore ultimately provides a policy evaluation result for each image: pass/fail against policies defined by the user. Additionally, the way that policies are defined and evaluated allows the policy evaluation itself to double as an audit mechanism that allows point-in-time evaluations of specific image properties and content attributes.

Software Components

  • On-Premises Anchore Enterprise
    • Web UI
    • API
    • Notifications
    • RBAC
    • Reporting
    • Worker
    • Queue
    • Catalog
    • CLI
  • On-Premises Feed Service

Enterprise Overview

Next Steps

Now, let’s get familiar with the architecture of Anchore Enterprise.

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