Notifications to Jira are in the form of new issues in a project


To receive notifications

  1. The following Jira account and project related information is required
    • URL of the Jira project
    • Username of the account for creating issues
    • API token or password depending on the Jira project
      • For Jira Cloud projects an API token is required. Follow instructions to create a new API token for the account creating issues
      • For Jira Self-managed projects password of the account creating issues is required
    • Project key, same as the prefix in the issue identifier. For instance, issue TEST-1 has the project key TEST
    • Type of the issue created such as Bug, Task, Story, etc.
    • (Optional) priority assigned to the issue such as Low, Medium, High, etc.
    • (Optional) one or more labels to be assigned to the issue
    • (Optional) Jira user to be assigned to the issue
  2. Create a Jira endpoint configuration in the Notifications service either via Enterprise UI or the API directly

Last modified January 6, 2020: Update links to UI docs (717e085)