Anchore Enterprise Release Notes - Version 4.9.4

Anchore Enterprise v4.9.4

Anchore Enterprise release v4.9.4 contains targeted fixes.
No database upgrade is needed.

Enterprise v5.0.0 Release Notes

Enterprise Service Updates


  • Fix an issue that prevented new Windows OS containers from being analyzed properly.
  • The report vulnerabilitiesByKubernetesContainer executes correctly even when node information is not present.
  • Prevent a deadlock when two agents are reporting inventory from the same Cluster/Namespace.
  • Fix a grypedb digest mismatch that can occur when Policy Engine syncs with the Feed Service. The issue is seen as a ChecksumMismatchError in the policy-engine’s logs and results in a failure to sync the feeds.
  • Fix an exception in the Report Service when loading an image with an empty dockerfile_mode.
  • Ability to execute a software downgrade from a patch release to a release within the same Major.Minor version numbers. Also provides better log messages during upgrade.
  • Image digests will now match when an image is analyzed within Enterprise (centralised analysis) and the image SBOM is imported via AnchoreCTL (distributed analysis).
ComponentRecommended Version
Enterprise UIv4.9.0
Enterprise Helm Chartv1.0.2
Engine Helm Chart (Deprecated)v1.28.4
AnchoreCTL (V1 API Compatible)v1.8.0
AnchoreCTL (V2 API Compatible)v4.9.0
KAI (Deprecated)v0.5.0
Kubernetes Admission Controllerv0.4.0
REM - Remote Execution Manager (Deprecated)v0.1.10
Harbor Scanner Adapterv1.1.0
Jenkins Pluginv1.1.0
Last modified January 5, 2024