Anchore Enterprise Release Notes - Version 4.9.5

Anchore Enterprise v4.9.5

Anchore Enterprise release v4.9.5 contains targeted fixes.
No database upgrade is needed.

Enterprise v5.0.0 Release Notes

Enterprise Service Updates


  • Fixes an issue with the V1 Schema that prevented a JIRA Notification Endpoint from being configured via the UI.
  • Addresses an issue with the RedHat vulnerability data provider not automatically updating OVAL files which prevents getting accurate fix version information for appstream packages in RHEL 9.
  • Addresses an issue with grype-db matching logic for RHEL 9, where they are no longer reporting a modularity, resulting in false positives. Specifically, RHEL 9’s default stream no longer reports a modularity.

UI Updates


  • The control used to test notifications in the Notifications view would return a 400 error when used. Now fixed.
  • In previous versions, the Report Manager would not display report output on account of an internal page-redirection condition that was an artifact of pre-release 5.0 testing. This issue has now been addressed.
  • Previously, the form that allowed you to edit a JIRA notification was not displaying the required fields. This issue has now been addressed (as described by the fix in the Enterprise Service Updates section above).
ComponentRecommended Version
Enterprise UIv4.9.1
Enterprise Helm Chartv1.0.4
Engine Helm Chart (Deprecated)v1.28.7
AnchoreCTL (V1 API Compatible)v1.8.0
AnchoreCTL (V2 API Compatible)v4.9.0
KAI (Deprecated)v0.5.0
Kubernetes Admission Controllerv0.4.0
REM - Remote Execution Manager (Deprecated)v0.1.10
Harbor Scanner Adapterv1.1.0
Jenkins Pluginv1.1.0
Last modified February 2, 2024