Anchore Enterprise Release Notes - Version 5.5.1

Anchore Enterprise v5.5.1

Anchore Enterprise release v5.5.1 contains targeted improvements.

Enterprise Service Updates


  • If upgrading from a v4.x release, please refer to the v4.x –> v5.x Migration Guide.
  • If upgrading from a release in the range of v5.0.0 - v5.3.0
    • The upgrade will result in an automatic schema change that will require database downtime. We are anticipating that this schema change may take more than an hour to complete depending on the amount of data in your reporting system.
    • If your Anchore Enterprise deployment is on FIPS enabled hosts and your database is being hosted on Amazon RDS, an upgrade to Postgres 16 or greater is required. For more information please see the FIPS section in Requirements.
  • If upgrading from the v5.4.x release, no additional action is needed.


  • A small change to improve the responsiveness of the Runtime Images by Vulnerability report. This change will reduce the time it takes to generate the report under certain conditions.


  • Support for OpenStack Swift, which is an open-source object storage system, has been deprecated. Please see Object Storage for a list of supported Object Stores.
ComponentSupported VersionAdditional Info
Enterprisev5.5.1With Syft v1.2.0 and Grype v0.77.0
Enterprise UIv5.5.0
AnchoreCTLv5.5.0Deploying AnchoreCTL
Enterprise Helm Chartv2.6.1
Anchore ECS Inventoryv1.3.0
Anchore Kubernetes Inventoryv1.4.0
Kubernetes Admission Controllerv0.5.0
Jenkins Pluginv3.0.0
Harbor Scanner Adapterv1.3.2
Last modified May 22, 2024