Anchore Enterprise Release Notes - Version 2.3.1

Anchore Enterprise 2.3.1

Adds features as well as bug fixes and improvements. Highlighted features are: new parameters in the Reporting service’s GraphQL API for specifying time ranges using a relative window (e.g last 30 days), and a new CVE blacklisting rule in the policy language to trigger if specific CVEs are found.


  • Added - New reporting GraphQL parameters for relative time-windows on reports (e.g. last 30 days) as alternative to absolute date ranges for all queries with start/end parameters.
  • Added - CVE Blacklisting via new policy rule.
  • Added - New “licenses” field in API response for content (pkgs etc) that is an array type for easier parsing. Supplements existing “license” field that is a comma-delimited list in a single string.
  • Added - Configuration option to disable Repository Add feature in UI
  • Added - Support for custom links/content on UI login page


  • Improved - Update base docker image to UBI 8.2 from 8.1.
  • Improved - Faster rhel feed driver execution via parallelized data download
  • Improved - Renamed “Registries” to “Registry Credentials” for more clarity in UI
  • Improved - Ask user if they are sure they want to add a full repository of tags in UI to prevent accidental add of large numbers of tags in UI
  • Improved - Alphabetical ordering of account data in context list in UI
  • Improved - Ability to copy and paste full tag string in image analysis page in UI
  • Improved - Enable vulnerabilities tab even if image has no vulnerabilities in UI

Bug Fixes

  • Fix - Ability to whitelist VulnDB IDs in policy editor in UI
  • Fix - PDF generation from vulnerabilities fix to not be truncated in UI
  • Fix - Protect against LDAP service tab whitescreen based on service response in UI
  • Fix - Fixes previewing saved query with invalid filter value shows nothing in UI
  • Fix - Fix formatting error on compliance report in UI
  • Fix - Filter entry persists between tabs in UI
  • Fix - Fixes error viewing vulnerabilities for .NET Core images
  • Fix - Fixes payload handling for MS Teams integration for notifications.
  • Fix - Fixes rhel feeds driver to handle updates in upstream data properly
  • Fix - package_type parameter now handles GHSA matches correctly as non-os types.
  • Fix - Correctly finds java content in cases where file permissions prevent a read.
  • Fix - Updates pyyaml dependency to 5.3.1.
  • Fix - Updates several npm dependencies of the UI.
  • Fix - Fixes API documentation in swagger spec for registry digest-style POST /image call.
  • Fix - Fixes db upgrade failure during upgrades of deployments that still have the ’nvd’ data from the deprecated driver.
  • Additional minor bug fixes and enhancements
  • Built on Anchore Engine v0.7.2: Anchore Enterprise is built on top of the OSS Anchore Engine, which has received new features and updates as well See Anchore Engine Release Notes for information on new features, bug fixes, and improvements in Anchore Engine

Upgrading from Anchore Enterprise 2.3.0

Last modified June 30, 2023