Anchore Enterprise Release Notes - Version 2.3.2

Anchore Enterprise 2.3.2

Adds features as well as bug fixes and improvements. Highlighted features are: new parameters in the Reporting service’s GraphQL API for specifying time ranges using a relative window (e.g last 30 days), and a new CVE blacklisting rule in the policy language to trigger if specific CVEs are found.


  • Improved - Adds retry wrapper on image download operations on analyzer. Implements #483
  • Improved - Updates serialize-javascript dependency to 4.0.0 to bring in fix for CVE-2020-7660 (Anchore unaffected)
  • Improved - Adds HEALTHCHECK to UI image
  • Improved - Removes npm installation from UI image to remove all the unused artifacts it brings in

Bug Fixes

  • Fix - Adds release to version string for all os package types if one is present. Fixes #504
  • Fix - Fixes global analysis archive rule application for non-admin accounts. Fixes #503
  • Fix - Fixes LDAP service tab fails if account mappings cannot be retrieved from service API
  • Fix - Fixes multiple vulnerability fix records from RHEL driver by collapsing to a single fix for correct semantics
  • Fix - Updates Alpine SecDB driver to use new source ( for data and new download process. Adds Alpine 3.12 support
  • Fix - Some db tables not created correctly for certain upgrade paths

Additional minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • Built on Anchore Engine v0.7.3: Anchore Enterprise is built on top of the OSS Anchore Engine, which has received new features and updates as well See Anchore Engine Release Notes for information on new features, bug fixes, and improvements in Anchore Engine

Upgrading from Anchore Enterprise 2.3.1

Last modified June 30, 2023