Anchore Enterprise Release Notes - Version 3.0.2

Anchore Enterprise 3.0.2

v3.0.2 is a patch release of Anchore Enterprise containing targeted fixes and improvements. No database upgrade is necessary.

A flaw has been discovered in Anchore Enterprise versions 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 that partially effects java software detection and GHSA vulnerability matching. If a container image has java artifacts that are embedded within java artifacts (i.e. jars in jars), AND certain embedded java artifacts have certain forms of malformed metadata, Anchore analysis can fail to report on the top level java artifact and all artifacts embedded within. The fingerprint of this issue is apprent as the SBOM (content) reports from Anchore would show incomplete or missing java packages when compared to the same reports generated from Anchore Enterprise versions prior to 3.0.0. In addition, while Anchore Enterprise uses several vulnerability data feeds when performing matches against java artifacts, another flaw was discovered that prevented Anchore Enterprise from matching java artifacts with records from the GHSA data feed (other feeds, including NVD, Third-party, and OS feeds were still being consulted). The fingerprint for this issue would manifest as missing GHSA matches when compared to results from versions of Anchore Enterprise prior to 3.0.0. Both flaws have been addressed in Anchore Enterprise version 3.0.2.

Enterprise Service Changes


  • Fixes issue where java artifacts are not being matched against records from GHSA feed - synthesize pom properties contents in syft mapper. See Issue #950
  • Updates syft to 0.14.0 to fix missing java elements from image SBOM, for embedded java artifacts combined with malformed metadata. See Issue #349

Enterprise UI Changes


  • Updates to the security model surrounding the stored data presented in the LDAP mapping management view.
  • Within System > Accounts, Role dropdowns are no longer truncated by the boundary of the user management dialog and will now display all entries without needing to scroll the list.
  • Various supporting libraries have been updated in order to improve security, performance, and also to remove deprecation warnings from browser and server output logs. Redundant libraries have been removed to reduce the app startup time and overall size.


Last modified June 30, 2023