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Application Version Management - Anchore API

Use the Anchore API to manage your application versions. For more information about using Anchore APIs via Swagger, see: Using the Anchore API.

The API application workflow would be like the following.

Create an Application Version

To use the Anchore API to create an application version that is associated with an already-existing application, POST the JSON in the block below to http://<host:port>/v2/applications/<application_id>/versions/.

   "version_name": "v1.0.0"

GET the List of All Application Versions

GET the list of all application versions for the application from http://<host:port>/v2/applications/<application_id>/ versions.

GET a Single Application Version

GET a specific application version from http://<host:port>/v2/applications/<application_id>/versions/<application_version_id>.

Update an Existing Application

To update the name of an existing application version, PUT the following to http://<host:port>/v2/applications/<application_id>/versions/<application_version_id>

    "version_name": "v1.0.1"

Remove a Specified Application Version

To delete an application version, Send a DELETE to http://<host:port>/v2/applications/<application_id>/versions/<application_version_id>.