Application Management - AnchoreCTL

Use AnchoreCTL to manage your applications. The AnchoreCTL application workflow would be like the following.

Create a Named Application

Use AnchoreCTL to create a named application. For example: anchorectl application add <name> --description <description>

Note: Creating an application will also create an application version named HEAD, used to track the in-development version.

List All Applications

Use the AnchoreCTL to list all applications. For example: anchorectl application list.

Request an Individual Application

Request an individual application from Anchore via AnchoreCTL to view details about it. For example: anchorectl application get <application_name>.

Update and Change Properties of an Existing Application

Update and change the properties of an existing application via AnchoreCTL.

For example, change the application name and description as follows: anchorectl application update <application_name> --name <new_name> --description <new_description>.

Remove an Application

Use AnchoreCTL to delete applications. This lets you remove applications that are no longer useful or important to you. For example: anchorectl application delete <application_name>

Last modified October 27, 2023